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Digital Fingerprints

One of the oldest forms of biometrics is the fingerprint.  The use of fingerprints is attributed to Sir William Herschel, a British government official in Bengal, India, in the 1850’s. He is given credit for being the first to devise a workable method of fingerprint identification. (courtesy of former Chief Commissioner of Police, Victoria, Kel Glare).

The taking of fingerprints has come a long way since the ink and roller method.  Many forms of digital fingerprinting (capture and identification) are now in use world wide.

PRM Biometrics have been using the latest digital fingerprint technology from Sagem/Morpho.  It is called Finger On The Fly. With this method, the hand is waved through the machine and finger prints and fingerprints captured.  We like it because it is the easiest method available, it is more reliable than other methods and it does not require the touching of a glass plate which may have been touched by many people beforehand.

PRM Biometrics have the ability to roll out digital finger print technology Australia wide through their network of pharmacies in the PharmacyID network.  (www.pharmacyid.com.au)

Please see our video of how the FOTF works