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Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a type of biometric that can identify a specific individual in a digital image by analysing and comparing patterns. Facial recognition systems are used for security purposes throughout the world. Most facial recognition systems work with numeric codes called face prints.

These systems identify approximately eighty nodal points on the human face and are used to measure variables of a persons face such as length or width of the nose, depth of the eye sockets or the shape of the cheekbones. Systems generally work by capturing this digital information and then comparing it with data already captured in an image or a video. The human face is one of the most used biometric traits, for both computer automated and human assisted person identification.

To ensure global accessibility with systems developed by various vendors and to simplify the use of data for biometric recognition in large-scale identification (e-passport, licences, visas) a standard data format for digital face images was needed. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) started a project in 1980 focused on machine assisted biometric identity confirmation of persons. Today this is called The ICAO standard Photograph

PRM Biometrics have identified and partnered with the Imagus Technology who are the market leaders in Facial Recognition technology. Imagus Technology is a global leader in advanced intelligent surveillance,image analysis and computer vision technology. Based in Brisbane, Australia, the company is at the forefront of fast, accurate and robust solutions for video surveillance, access control, marketing and retail applications.

Imagus provides the core technology for advanced real-time systems that reliably detect and identify human beings with minimal effort using low-quality and low-cost commodity hardware such as CCTV cameras, webcams and phones. Samples can be captured unobtrusively from a distance and/or in motion, while the technology is simultaneously insensitive to pose, illumination, expression, focus, motion blur and misalignment.