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PRisM - Personnel Risk integrated security Management

ThePRM Group Biometrics program is designed to capture a wide range ofbiometric information which includes an International Civil AviationOrganisation (ICAO) passport standard photograph, facialrecognition, voice, palm prints and fingerprints. The technology can alsocapture other additional personal documents like passports, licencesand identity cards which may have security features embedded in them. Tofacilitate this capture capability The PRM Group has created a softwareapplication and data base system called (PRisM) Personnel Riskintegrated security Management.

This system has been designed to capture, store and manage digitallyencrypted biometric identity information and personal identity documentsat the highest level of security in either a web based application inthe cloud or integrated into client based software platforms. We offerour clients the ability to capture this information and accessindividual identity files for applications where secure enrolmentprocesses, access control and identity management is required.