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Building a strong network for the future

PharmacyID is a new Australian owned business which offers consumers a more efficient, secure and trusted identity service through their local community pharmacy. Consumers are constantly required to prove their identity for a large number of services with government and commercial businesses. Because of this, protection of personal information is now more important than ever. Giving away personal information to multiple organisations increases the risk of someone stealing your identity information.

PharmacyID brings together the power of the community pharmacy network in Australia (regardless of brand or ownership) with state-of-the-art identity verification technology to solve these problems. Harnessing the trust and value of the community pharmacy network is key to providing this new service to the Australian market where only one service provider currently exists.

A new, simple and valuable identity service

PharmacyID is the brainchild of Geoff Stockton (MD of The PRM Group). After 22 years of service as a Victorian Police Officer and Inspector, Geoff has always been passionate about eliminating identity fraud and providing a more efficient and effective way for Australians to protect their identity.

PharmacyID is a private identity services company, a member of The PRM Group which is Australia's largest private on-line police check company. PharmacyID has partnered with a network of community pharmacies across Australia to provide identity verification services at a consumer level.

A new national identity service facilitated by pharmacies all over Australia will give us the ability to provide existing services to the community such as national police history checks and future services that may include, passport and visa applications, licence renewals, proof of age cards, confirmation of identity for retail purchases, banking and finance transactions and identity verification for domestic and international travel.

Please visit www.pharmacyid.com.au for more information.